Customer Feedback

"The project came out AMAZING! This will surely be the best Christmas present ever."

Update: "I received the package today and it is beautiful. Exceeds All my expectations and then some. Thank you so much. The only downside is that I have no idea how I'm going to beat this Christmas gift in the consecutive following years to come."

~ Jeremy

"Looks great man! Thanks again for the great work!"

~ Chris

"It couldn't have turned out any better, I love it! I can already tell she's going to be speechless when she opens it. :) This has certainly been well worth the money, thanks so much for working so hard on it."

"Everything arrived today, and looks even better in person! Thank you once again for the great work, I'm very happy with it. :) I'll keep you in mind for any future ideas for sure."


~ Matt

"It is incredible!  Honestly, I didn't know what to expect but your work is amazing. Way beyond my expectation.  Thank you for putting in all that time and extra energy.  I can see now why your repeat clients often tip (which I will be doing).  You earned it."

~ Tim

"Brandon, I'm in MN visiting my Mom before she moves. She showed me this picture you did. I saw it before on another website and I think I commented but seeing it in person is insane. The details are incredible. His scar on his arm, his soft smile through his eyes and even the worn handle of his chair. It's truly amazing. My Dad would have been super impressed and very proud of you. He'd be bragging about you for sure.  Keep up the incredible work."

~  Jenny

"I ordered this after my Lady died in my arms a couple weeks ago, at home. She was nearly 15 and had a great life, and thanks to Brandon's wonderful talent, we have a piece of her with us forever. He captured her in a way that we agree is better than any photograph. The life in her eyes is breathtaking. Worth every penny, and I highly recommend him!"

~ Rosalie


"I've bragged about my wood burning to everyone and I just received it today. Brandon was extremely helpful, we went back and forth via e-mail multiple times. I reached out to him with an idea, and he made sure he was creating exactly what I wanted. He sent me a picture and a fast-motion video of him burning it the next day, and I had it in the mail a few days later. I've already given his info to a handful of people who were at my office when I was opening this, and I will definitely be ordering from him again. This is the best birthday present, and my brother is going to be amazed!"

~ Melinda ~ Location: Connecticut 

"That is awesome. Way better than I could have imagined! Thank you so much! 

I just picked it up from my parents house, and it is even more incredible in person!  I got it as a birthday gift for my best friend, and I love it so much I may need to find him something else! :)  I'm not sure I can call Iron Man beautiful, but it is.  Thank you again!"

~ Vicki ~ Location: Texas

"We have it hanging on our wall! It looks absolutely amazing! We don't know how you did this, but it looks even better than the image we sent you; realistic rather than cartoonish. Gambit and Rogue are our two favorite X-MEN and you MORE than did them justice. Needless to say, we're thrilled with your work. We really appreciate the time and effort you put into this piece. You are a fantastic artist, Brandon, and we're looking forward to more of your work."

~ Bill & Jacquelyn ~ Location: New Jersey

"It Arrived today and my mom wasn't thinking and opened it a little early she just called me in tears, She LOVED IT , she said she looks so real and you captured her. Thank you so MUCH again!! You did an amazing job she kept crying but she loves it so much. Just so you know your extremely talented and your work is so much more than that Jake's Dad Cried so hard because he loved his picture and My mom was I mean hardly speaking just tears because you could capture something with so much detail and capture a moment and a family member (mimi) so perfectly. Its so much more than a portrait its I cant even describe it in words.  

Thank You!!"

~ Ami ~ Location: Texas

"My sister loved it!  We hung it up in her bedroom right away!

Great job! "

~ Ben ~ Location: Maryland

"I'm gonna be a lifelong customer now! I LOVE it!!!!"

~ Kimberly ~ Location: Texas

"Got it today, it looks fantastic!  Thank you so much, I know my mom will just fall in love with this."

~ Collin ~ Location: North Carolina

"Brandon, I got the piece just now.  Oh, holy s***!  The photos weren't even close to doing this justice! It's absolutely incredible." (Lord of The Rings wood burning)

~ Brian ~ Location: Alabama

"The wood burning Brandon did for me is incredible. The depth and detail of the piece are just breathtaking. I'll be displaying it proudly in my home, and will likely be ordering another to go along with it." (Different Lord of The Rings burning)

~ Andrew ~ Location: New York

"I cannot say enough about how Amazing Brandon is we had him do two custom pieces of my Husbands Father and Mother. His father broke into tears he was so moved by the gift. Brandon's communication is outstanding!! He goes above and beyond! He also is going to be doing more work for me! We are so happy to of found him!!"

~ Ami ~ Location: Texas

"Wow thank you so much Brandon.  It looks like you've seriously embodied the idea and essence of the movie in a freeze frame of your unique art." "I just got the art piece.  It's beautiful!  Thank you thank you thank you."

~ Jeremy ~ Location: California

"It’s beautiful Brandon!!! I’m very impressed with your work and how speedy you are."

~ Jude ~ Location: British Columbia

"This is fantastic, and just what I was looking for!  Thank you so much!"

~ Beth ~ Location: Oregon

"BLOODY GORGEOUS!!!  Brilliant job!"

"Literally jaw dropped when I saw the burning you did of Masked Warrior! I had no idea that you were going to do it ALREADY! Made my day!"

~ Deb ~ Location: Oregon

"That is sooooo cool. Very excited to see it in person."

~ William ~ Location: Minnesota

"Thanks so much Brandon."

~ Deborah (Dart Brand Manager at Chrysler) ~ Location: Michigan

"Beautiful. Thanks again man; can't wait to get it. :)"

~ Josh ~ Location: Ohio